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Farmscape Articles
Legislative Changes Needed to Support Creation of Effective Hog Mortality Insurance
Andrew Dickson - Manitoba Pork Council [ Wednesday 06 May, 2015]
Pork Producers Encouraged to Develop and Document Euthanasia Plans
Dr. Craig Wilkinson - University of Alberta [ Tuesday 05 May, 2015]
Western Canadian Swine Veterinarians Encouraged to Participate in WCSHIN
Dr. Egan Brockhoff - Prairie Swine Health Services [ Monday 04 May, 2015]
Reducing Water Waste Cuts Pork Production Costs
Ken Engele - Prairie Swine Centre [ Monday 04 May, 2015]
Western Canadian Pork Producers Continue to Hold Off PED
Dr. Julia Keenliside - Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development [ Friday 01 May, 2015]
MLMMI Issues Call For Research Proposals Related to Two-Cell Manure Storage Systems
John Carney - Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative [ Thursday 30 Apr, 2015]
Relatively Dry Spring Reduces Risk of Spreading PED
Doug Redekop - Precision Pumping [ Wednesday 29 Apr, 2015]
New Hog Barns in Manitoba Must Meet or Exceed Environmental Protection Offered by Anaerobic Digestion
Tracey Braun - Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship [ Tuesday 28 Apr, 2015]
Proper Feeder Adjustment Ensures Optimum Performance and Cuts Feed Waste
Ken Engele - Prairie Swine Centre [ Monday 27 Apr, 2015]
Forward Pricing Recommended to Ease Down Pressure on Live Hog Prices
Tyler Fulton - h@ms Marketing Services [ Monday 27 Apr, 2015]
Providing Pigs Environmental Enrichments Offers Range of Benefits
Dr. Yolande Seddon - Prairie Swine Centre [ Friday 24 Apr, 2015]
Steady U.S. Slaughter and Flat Pork Demand Slows Spring Live Hog Price Rally
Tyler Fulton - h@ms Marketing Services [ Friday 24 Apr, 2015]
New Chair's Priorities Include Increasing Hog Production and Creating an Income Stabilization Program
George Matheson - Manitoba Pork Council [ Thursday 23 Apr, 2015]
Reporting of Live Hog Movements Among Shippers and Receivers Grows
Jeff Clark - PigTrace Canada [ Thursday 23 Apr, 2015]
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