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Farmscape Articles
Vacant Meat Processing Jobs Impact Entire Canadian Economy
Ron Davidson - Canadian Meat Council [ Friday 04 Sep, 2015]
Smooth Canola Harvest Expected to Result in Increased Winter Wheat Acres
Jake Davidson - Winter Cereals Canada [ Friday 04 Sep, 2015]
Pork Producers Advised to Be Aware of Mild Infection that Resembles FMD
Dr. Paul Sundberg - Swine Health Information Center [ Thursday 03 Sep, 2015]
Pork Producers Urged to Express Concern Over Planned Truck Wash Requirement Changes
Andrew Dickson - Manitoba Pork [ Wednesday 02 Sep, 2015]
Improved Pork Demand, Low Canadian Dollar Positive for Canadian Pork Producers
Tyler Fulton - h@ms Marketing Services [ Wednesday 02 Sep, 2015]
Pork Producers Advised to be Aware of Disease Threats as Temperatures Drop
Dr. Egan Brockhoff - Prairie Swine Health Services [ Wednesday 02 Sep, 2015]
Completed Incorporation of Revised Code of Practice into CQA Expected in 2017
Dickson Gould - Canadian Pork Council [ Tuesday 01 Sep, 2015]
PED, TGE and Delta Coronavirus Remain a Threat in Western Canada
Dr. Julia Keenliside - Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development [ Tuesday 01 Sep, 2015]
CFIA Truck Wash Policy Change Expected to Compromise Biosecurity
Dr. Kurt Preugschas - Innovative Veterinary Services [ Monday 31 Aug, 2015]
Tremendous Progress Reported in Effort to Contain PEDv
Dr. Egan Brockhoff - Prairie Swine Health Services [ Sunday 30 Aug, 2015]
Manitoba Pork Calls for Extension of Regulation to Contain PED
George Matheson - Manitoba Pork [ Friday 28 Aug, 2015]
Western Canadian Winter Wheat Growers Pleased with this Year's Crops
Jake Davidson - Winter Cereals Canada [ Friday 28 Aug, 2015]
New Ethologist Position to Focus on Programs to Enhance Swine Welfare
Lee Whittington - Prairie Swine Centre [ Thursday 27 Aug, 2015]
Canola Press-Cake and Canola Expeller Offer High Energy Options for Early Weaned Pigs
Dr. Ruurd Zijlstra - University of Alberta [ Thursday 27 Aug, 2015]
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