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Farmscape Articles
Electrostatic Particle Ionization Offers Option for Reducing Airborne Transmission of PRRS
Dr. Qiang Zhang - University of Manitoba [ Thursday 18 Dec, 2014]
U.S. Urged to Head Warnings of Retaliation if M-COOL is Not Changed
Andrew Dickson - Manitoba Pork Council [ Thursday 18 Dec, 2014]
Swine Manure Applicator Calls for More Sharing of Information on Health Status of Farms
Doug Redekop - Precision Pumping [ Wednesday 17 Dec, 2014]
Scientists Asses Impact of Time of Mixing on Sow Productivity
Dr. Yolande Seddon - Prairie Swine Centre [ Tuesday 16 Dec, 2014]
Pork Producers and Transporters Advised to Implement Cold Weather Disinfection Procedures
Dr. Egan Brockhoff - Prairie Swine Health Services [ Tuesday 16 Dec, 2014]
MLMMI Applauds Canada's Efforts in Containing PED
John Carney - Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative [ Tuesday 16 Dec, 2014]
Pork Producers Urged to Consider All High Hog Traffic Sites as PED Positive
Dr. Julia Keenliside - Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development [ Monday 15 Dec, 2014]
When Setting Nutrient Application Rates, Type of Manure and Cropping Systems Need to be Considered
Trevor Fraser - University of Manitoba [ Sunday 14 Dec, 2014]
Lack of Access to Workers Expected to Limit New Export Opportunities
Ron Davidson - Canadian Meat Council [ Friday 12 Dec, 2014]
Flooring Design Changes Expected to Help Reduce Lameness Among Group Housed Gestating Sows
Dr. Laurie Connor - University of Manitoba [ Friday 12 Dec, 2014]
Research Shows PEDV Can Survive in Manure Lagoons
Dr. Ehsan Khafipour - University of Manitoba [ Thursday 11 Dec, 2014]
Bagot Area Hutterite Colony Claims Top Award at Prairie Livestock Expo Pork Quality Competition
Jason Care - Manitoba Hog Grading Inc. [ Thursday 11 Dec, 2014]
Changes to U.S. M-COOL Expected Before Canada and Mexico Retaliate
Dr. Steve Meyer - Paragon Economics [ Wednesday 10 Dec, 2014]
Pork Quality Competition Winners to Share Over $27,000
Dennis Stevenson - Zoetis [ Wednesday 10 Dec, 2014]
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