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Farmscape Articles
CMC Hopeful for Implementation of Canada-South Korea FTA by January 1
Ron Davidson - Canadian Meat Council [ Friday 21 Nov, 2014]
Researchers Look to Identify Optimal Space Allowance to Maximize Productivity of Nursery Pigs
Dr. Jennifer Brown - Prairie Swine Centre [ Friday 21 Nov, 2014]
Sask Pork Approves Increase in Levies on Live Swine
Florian Possberg - Saskatchewan Pork Development Board [ Thursday 20 Nov, 2014]
New Government Funding Announced for PED Prevention
Karen Aulie - Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture [ Thursday 20 Nov, 2014]
Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium 2014 Audio Special for November 20, 2014
Farmscape Staff - [ Thursday 20 Nov, 2014]
Feral Wild Boar Raise Concerns Among Pork Producers
Ruth Kost - University of Saskatchewan [ Wednesday 19 Nov, 2014]
Electronic Tools Most Popular for Reporting Pig Movements
Jeff Clark - Canadian Pork Council [ Wednesday 19 Nov, 2014]
Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium 2014 Audio Special for November 19, 2014
Farmscape Staff - [ Wednesday 19 Nov, 2014]
Standardized Diagnostics for Brachyspira Expected to Improve Treatment
Dr. Joe Rubin - University of Saskatchewan [ Tuesday 18 Nov, 2014]
Loss of Infrastructure for Building Swine Barns Expected to Challenge Saskatchewan Pork Industry
Florian Possberg - Saskatchewan Pork Development Board [ Tuesday 18 Nov, 2014]
Training Sows Presents Biggest Challenges When Adopting ESF Systems
Dr. Jennifer Brown - Prairie Swine Centre [ Monday 17 Nov, 2014]
Pork Producers Warned to Expect Lower Profitability in 2015 and Beyond
Florian Possberg - Saskatchewan Pork Development Board [ Friday 14 Nov, 2014]
Researchers Target Increased Piglet Performance Through Improved Diet Formulations
Dr. Andrew Van Kessel - University of Saskatchewan [ Friday 14 Nov, 2014]
Oral Fluids Testing to Detect Pathogens in the Swine Herd Gaining in Popularity
Dr. Susan Detmer - Western College of Veterinary Medicine [ Thursday 13 Nov, 2014]
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