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MSU Survey to look at How Pork Producers Access Extension
Dr. Sarah Ison - Michigan State University

Farmscape for February 16, 2017

Michigan State University is inviting swine veterinarian, extension educators, applied researchers and genetics companies to participate in a survey to determine how pork producers access extension information.
A survey conducted by Michigan State University to learn how pork producers use behavior in their on farm management found the most successful technique for minimizing aggression in pigs is to allow piglets to intermingle with other litters before weaning and to avoid mixing unfamiliar pigs as much as possible.
Dr. Sarah Ison. a post doctoral fellow in the Animal Science Department of Michigan State University, says a follow up survey is now being conducted to look at how producers access extension.

Clip-Dr. Sarah Ison-Michigan State University:
Over the next eight months we're going to be compiling all the data ready for publication in scientific journals but also each of the key pieces of information, we're going to make into fact sheets which we plan to publish on the MSU Pork extension web site.
We're currently conducting a follow up survey based on the questions to producers about how and where they receive information about pig management.
Firstly we're targeting pig veterinarians, extension educators and applied researchers to see how they're communicating information onto the pork producers regarding research advances in different areas.
We're also going to ask genetics companies about the selection traits they use to breed the next generation of the breeding herd and to find out how well their breeding falls in line with the producers.

Dr. Ison invites anyone interested in accessing the educational materials being developed or participating in the follow up the survey to contact her at
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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