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Canadian Agricultural Partnership Reiterates Canada's Commitment to Agricultural Research
Stewart Cressman - Canadian Swine Research and Development Cluster (Swine Innovation Porc)

Farmscape for August 4, 2017

The Chair of Swine Innovation Porc says the new Canadian Agricultural Partnership maintains Canada's commitment to agricultural research.
Canada's federal, provincial and territorial agriculture ministers agreed to key elements of the new Canadian Agricultural Partnership when they met last month in St. John's.
The five year three billion dollar agreement will replace Growing Forward 2 when it ends in March.
Stewart Cressman, the Chair of Swine Innovation Porc, says the ministers have reiterated some of their previous key priorities.

Clip-Stewart Cressman-Swine Innovation Porc:
Science, research and innovation is a key priority and that is where the different commodity cluster programs were nested under federal only funding and then there would be other initiatives that would be cost shared, usually the ratio is 60 percent federal government, 40 percent provincial government.
I don't think we have any detail on those specific programs because they tend to be crafted by the individual provinces.
We know that coming out of the Calgary Statement of a year ago of the ministers meetings, environmental sustainability and climate change is a key initiative.
I would imagine a blend of these initiatives in terms of science and innovation would be key, that you would weave those themes in.
Then as well value added agriculture and agri-food processing.
I think you're looking at really trying to look at research and innovation assisting the agriculture sector to be more innovative and, bottom line competitive, especially as it looks at export related markets and trade as well as another key priority.

Cressman says this is an exciting time to be involved in research.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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