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Saskatchewan Crop Yields Shaping Up to be Average to Below Average
Shannon Friesen - Saskatchewan Agriculture

Farmscape for August 11, 2017

Saskatchewan Agriculture report crop yields are shaping up to be average to below average this year.
Saskatchewan Agriculture's weekly crop report, released yesterday, indicates two percent of the crop has been combined and three percent has been swathed or is ready to straight cut, right in line with the five year average.
Shannon Friesen, a Cropping Management Specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture, reports a little bit of moisture last week has improved topsoil moisture just a little bit.

Clip-Shannon Friesen-Saskatchewan Agriculture:
Topsoil moisture on cropland is rated as two percent surplus, 36 adequate, 38 percent short and 24 percent very short.
The bulk of the south part of the province has been dealing with lack of moisture and very hot temperatures in July and early August so things down there have been dire for quite some time now due to the dry conditions.
What we've heard from producers is that yields have been maybe average to well below average overall.
Things aren't what we were hoping they would have been.
We've heard in some cases that some of the lentils are better than expected but some of the peas and some of the winter cereals are much less than what we thought even a week or two ago.
Certainly the rain last week will help some of the later seeded crops to fill as well as to replenish the topsoil.
As we move north in the province, a lot more areas have been dealing with a lot of excess moisture so things for them have been very wet, very saturated.
Harvest will be delayed in some areas if it does not dry up.
Of course that does give us more fears after last year having a very wet harvest and that continuing right into spring.

Friesen says crop quality is reported as good to excellent with lighter bushel weights on some crops and  disease numbers are down from last year.
She says, for the most part quality is better than last year but yields will be average to below average and significantly less than last year.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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