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Saskatchewan Crop Yields Highly Variable But Quality Generally Very Good
Brent Flaten - Saskatchewan Agriculture

Farmscape for September 12, 2017

Saskatchewan Agriculture reports crop yields so far this year have ranged from total wrecks to fantastic.
Saskatchewan Agriculture released its weekly crop report Thursday.
Brat Flaten, an Integrated Pest Management Specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture, reports, with 45 percent of the crop harvested, yields have been extremely variable, the result of variable moisture conditions.

Clip-Brat Flaten-Saskatchewan Agriculture:
We've got some areas in the southern grain belt where you have some real wrecks out there.
Other areas, for example, where they got decent germination of the crop and they were on heavier soil and the crop was able to capture that stored moisture for the year, people found that they were pleasantly surprised with the yield.
Although it still may be below average it's not a complete wreck.
Then you have average crops and in the northern grain belt there's some really fantastic yields, way above average, just because they had some timely rains combined with stored soil moisture and it wasn't too wet not dry so perfect conditions for that high yield.
As far as quality, generally across the province very good quality other than in some of the areas where the crop didn't fill very well so there's some light barley out there from the southern part of the grain belt, light durum, this sort of thing.

Flaten says quality is generally way better last year at this time when there was lots of rain, a lot of fusarium and various other diseases and bleaching from rainfall.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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