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New Nutritional Recommendations Positive to Increased Meat Consumption
Mary Ann Binnie - Canada Pork
Farmscape for January 26, 2001 (Episode 606) Canada Pork says new nutritional recommendations for the daily intake of iron and zinc clearly demonstrate the importance of including pork, meats, fish and poultry in the diet...particularly among women. The US based National Academy of Sciences, a panel of American and Canadian nutrition experts, has been spearheading a review of all nutrients. Its new recommendations, released earlier this month call for increased intake of iron and zinc. Canada Pork Manager Mary Ann Binnie says the panels findings demonstrate the importance of including pork, meat, fish and poultry in the diet as the best source of these nutrients. Clip-Mary Ann Binnie-Canada Pork What they're finding is that vegetarians need almost twice the iron of meat eaters and 50 per cent more zinc. This iron deficiency is most prevalent among women especially pregnant women and the recommendations for these vulnerable groups have been increased because the absorption of iron from plant foods is relatively low compared to that from animal foods. This definitely will have an impact on eating patterns in that they are increasing the recommended daily amounts. For example, for women it was previously 13 milligrams a day and now they're raising it up to 18. This information is going to be adopted by the Canadian and US governments in providing guidance to research and also to the policy makers when they're making recommendations for diets, food guides, that type of thing. Binnie says there's been a great deal of emphasis on increasing vegetable consumption but it's also important to not forget the role that meats play in the diet as a source of essential minerals. She suggests proper nutrition is a matter of eating a balanced diet according to Canada's food guide. For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.
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