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KAP Releases Common Response to Livestock Stewardship Panel Report
Weldon Newton - Keystone Agricultural Producers
Farmscape for May 8, 2001 (Episode 676) Keystone Agricultural Producers is circulating a draft response to the Provincial Livestock Stewardship Panel's 'Finding Common Ground' report which was released last fall. The Livestock Stewardship Panel was commissioned by the provincial government to develop policy recommendations for dealing with intensive livestock development in Manitoba. The panel's report, 'Finding Common Ground', makes 40 recommendations designed to ensure intensive livestock production can develop in an environmentally responsible manner. KAP Vice President Weldon Newton says the draft response was developed with all of the livestock commodity groups and is now being fine tuned and circulated to the grain commodity groups. Clip-Weldon Newton-Keystone Agricultural Producers I think that the key aspect is land use planning and how is that process going to work down the road and how are we going to protect the land that's currently in agriculture in Manitoba for agricultural use down the road and be able to have the community develop around that. Right now, yes, there's controversy around what ever you consider a large hog barn to be and in fact around some small hog barns but, I guess, this has implications for how all of agriculture is going to function down the road and are we going to be put in a position where social pressures are going to dictate what other management practice the rest of the agricultural industry is going to have to undertake. While we have to live in conjunction with the rest of society they also have to recognize that, in an agricultural area, there's some things that go on out there that are just part of agriculture and have to be accepted. Newton is confident a unified response from all of agriculture to the report should carry considerable weight with government. He says KAP plans to meet with all of the commodity groups early next month and from there meetings with the appropriate government ministries are anticipated. For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.
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