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US and Canada Discuss Several Issues
Edouard Asnong - Canadian Pork Council
World Pork Expo June 6, 2003 Report 07 (Episode 1264) The President of the Canadian Pork Council says World Pork Expo is giving representatives of the Canadian and US pork industries the chance to discuss several issues of mutual concern. Edouard Asnong says issues being discussed this year include the environment, animal welfare and mandatory country of origin labelling. He says, with regards to COOL, specific issues of concern on both sides of the border are being discussed. Clip-Edouard Asnong-Canadian Pork Council Certainly for Canada we consider it as a non trade barrier because they want to apply it on hogs and not on chicken and other species just on pork and hogs and beef but not on chicken and others so we consider it as some kind of trade barrier. Also on the US side, they have to keep track and label their product and the cost to them can be more than the cost would be for Canadians. There's a study that estimates the cost to the US producer can be something like between three and 12 dollars per hog, depending on whether you're an integrated producer or a small producer. It's easier for an integrated large producer to keep track, certainly when he owns his own packing plant. Asnong says there are different concerns related to Country of Origin in Canada and the US but concerns the two countries share are what are we achieving with the legislation and what are the costs associated with it? At World Pork Expo, I'm Bruce Cochrane. **World Pork Expo Reports are sponsored exclusively by Elite Swine Inc.
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