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Manitoba Ban on Swine Expansion Expected to Discourage Environmentally Friendly Farming
Graham Starmer - Manitoba Chambers of Commerce

Farmscape for September 22, 2008   (Episode 2966)

The Manitoba Chamber of Commerce warns the province's proposed ban on swine industry development in eastern Manitoba will discourage the adoption new technologies designed to make hog farming more environmentally friendly.

Bill 17, which proposes a ban on swine barn construction or expansion in most of eastern Manitoba was introduced in the legislature for third reading last week and debate on the bill will resume this week.

A rally is planned for Wednesday at the legislature to protest Bill 17 and promote an amendment to the bill proposed by Manitoba Pork Council.

Manitoba Chambers of Commerce President Graham Starmer says, in many cases, operations will need the flexibility to restructure if they are to afford the cost of adopting new technology  that is extremely environmentally friendly.

Clip- Graham Starmer-Manitoba Chambers of Commerce
We have suggested as a Manitoba Chamber that putting a total moratorium on this type of industry prevents innovation and looking at how to become more environmentally friendly.

When you say no, you can't expand some areas of innovation and ecological advancements require size and this just puts a cap on anything and inhibits having even a better environment as a result of it.

So what we see is that, if we can put an amendment in there that gives the authority to the government, that if somebody comes up with a greater technology which is environmentally friendly that there should be exemptions to the ban.

Starmer suggests the government is employed to look at the welfare of its people and where you've got a billion dollar industry and about a billion dollar spin off, you've got to look at what's good for the people as well as the environment.

For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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