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Market Access Key in Devising Traceability Strategies
Dr. Ed Tyrchniewicz - University of Manitoba

Farmscape for August 4, 2009   (Episode 3260)

A senior scholar with the University of Manitoba says expanded market access is a key consideration in creating a national traceability R&D strategy.

In early June over 200 food industry stakeholders gathered in Winnipeg to provide input on food traceability as part of Trace R&D 2009.

Information gathered during the conference and through other avenues is now being compiled.

University of Manitoba senior scholar Dr. Ed Tyrchniewicz, who's preparing a report and recommendations, says objectives include prioritizing issues surrounding traceability and traceability research and outlining a vision for a five year Canadian traceability R&D strategy.

Clip-Dr. Ed Tyrchniewicz-University of Manitoba:
A lot of the traceability issue has been driven by concerns about food safety and I think one of the very important considerations is that traceability by itself is not going to increase food safety.

I think traceability will help manage the risks associated with food safety and that's a very complex thing and sometimes it becomes rather emotional as well so I think one has to step back and say, OK what really is important here and also the consideration for access to markets.

Traceability certainly gives a certain amount of market advantage.

A lot of other countries are doing this and countries like Laos and Vietnam who one doesn't think of as powerhouses for exporting pork are instituting traceability systems that will give them a very decided market advantage.

Dr. Tyrchniewicz notes his preliminary report will be circulated to interested food industry stakeholders this summer for additional input and a revised draft report will be prepared for consideration by the Industry Government Advisory Committee on Traceability when it meets in October.

For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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