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Research to Play Key Role in Meeting Pork Industry Sustainability Committments
Dr. Karin Wittenberg - University of Manitoba

Farmscape for April 4, 2011   (Episode 3550)

The University of Manitoba expects to play a key role in helping the province's pork producers deliver on a range of commitments outlined in their recently released vision for the long-term sustainability of the pork industry.

Last month Manitoba Pork Council unveiled a new plan which outlines its vision for the long-term sustainability of pork production in the province.

The document outlines 82 commitments in a range of areas.

Dr. Karin Wittenberg, the associate dean research with the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, says the University, through the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and the National Centre for Livestock and the Environment strives to find solutions to the complex issues being faced by animal agriculture and agriculture in general.

Clip-Dr. Karin Wittenberg-University of Manitoba:
When we think of these solutions we have to think of not only the short-term requirements, for example we've heard about the need to meet regulations that will be in place by 2013, but also the long-term economic viability, social acceptance of the industry.

We see our role as contributing to the science and technology that will become part of the solution for sustainable agriculture, we see our role as contributing to the education of young people who will enter agriculture as farmers or as members of an industry that supports farmers.

We also see a role in being part of the communication process because it is a community.

The farmer is one part of the community but the neighbors, the young people that are looking for careers, the businesses are also important and we see that outreach and education to those groups are also important and see a role for ourselves in that.

Dr. Wittenberg applauds the industry's continued commitment to partnerships in education and research and its recognition of the importance of engaging in conversation with the various stakeholders.

For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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