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National Biosecurity Training Program Expanded to B.C. and the Maritimes
Bill Ballantyne - Canadian Swine Health Board

Farmscape for March 16, 2012   (Episode 4108)

The Canadian Swine Health Board's National Biosecurity Training Program has been expanded to include pork producers in two more regions and is now available in all of the pork producing provinces.

The National Biosecurity Training Program is based on the National Farm Level Biosecurity Standard developed by the Canadian Swine Health Board and is designed to provide the training that will help pork producers reduce the risk of disease infecting their herds.

The program was launched in Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec in early 2011, Alberta and Saskatchewan came on board last fall, it has now been introduced into British Columbia and the Maritime Provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick and is now available in all of the provinces that have commercial swine operations.

Canadian Swine Health Board Biosecurity Advisory Committee Chair Bill Ballantyne reports the response among pork producers has been extremely positive.

Clip-Bill Ballantyne-Canadian Swine Health Board:
I think we're way ahead of what anyone ever imagined would be possible in terms of producer involvement.

We anticipate reaching something over 75 percent of all producers in the country by the end of this program.

I'm told both face to face and also by others who are managing the provincial programs that the reception has been very good, that even the cynics and skeptics have been pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm.

For more information or to register for the National Biosecurity Training Program visit the Canadian Swine Health Board web site at, contact your local provincial pork organization or contact your swine health veterinarian.

For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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