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No New Cases of PED In Manitoba
Dr. Glen Duizer - Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives

Farmscape for February 20, 2014

Manitoba's animal health surveillance veterinarian reports no positive cases of PED in the province beyond the one identified last week.
Last week Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea was confirmed in a wean to finish operation in Manitoba.
Dr. Glen Duizer, the animal health surveillance veterinarian with Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development's Office of the Chief Veterinarian, told those on hand for a Town Hall phone-in meeting yesterday so far we have nothing negative on our surveillance program.

Clip-Dr. Glen Duizer-Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development:
To date our investigation has contacted over 45 farms that have had some form of contact either through animals or through people or through equipment in the ten days previous to the clinical signs in the herd.
We are working our way through all those farms and to date we've conducted sampling on a fair chunk of them and we have no confirmed positive cases other than our current case.
The other points that we want to bring out at this stage is that the source pigs to this farm were not positive for PED.
The supply to this farm has been confirmed as not positive.
We would also add that, although spray dried plasma has been used in the feed on this farm it is not a concern and not considered a source to PED on this farm.
As I said earlier we're working our way through all the potential contacts.
We have not yet identified a potential source but as we work our way through we hope to at last eliminate what some potential sources would be.

Dr. Duizer says surveillance programs looking at high traffic areas, primarily truck wash stations and assembly points, have found no positive environmental samples.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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