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Canadian Quality Assurance Program Update Underway
Catherine Scovil - Canada Pork Council

Farmscape for July 15, 2014

The Canadian Pork Council says changes to Canada's Pig Code of Practice will be incorporated into the animal care component of the Canadian pork industry's on farm food safety program as part of an update of the entire program.
In March the National Farm Animal Care Council's updated Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs in Canada was made public.
Catherine Scovil, the associate executive director of the Canadian Pork Council, says over the next 18 months the animal welfare component of the Canadian Quality Assurance program will be updated to reflect changes in the code as part of a review of the entire CQA program.

Clip-Catherine Scovil-Canadian Pork Council:
Because the current animal care assessment elements within CQA are based on the previous code we have to update those elements to reflect the code that was released in March so there will be a group brought together to review the requirements in the code and translate those into how they can be measured or assessed on farm.
But we're also going to use the opportunity of updating the animal care assessment elements within the CQA to be updating the whole CQA program and really rebranding it and giving it a fresh look.
This program was originally launched in 1998 and things have changed and we've learned things throughout that process and of course these are programs, both food safety and animal care, that are built on continual improvement so as we look to rebrand CQA we're really trying to focus on making this program more transparent, easier to review and reflect and audit, make it more user friendly and deliver more value to producers.

Scovil says, over the next 12 months, the focus will be updating content followed by testing of the program with a targeted release in January 2016.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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