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National Farm Animal Care Council Proposes Update of Canada's Transportation Code of Practice
Jackie Wepruk - National Farm Animal Care Council

Farmscape for August 16, 2016

The National Farm Animal Care Council is proposing an update of Canada's Transportation Code of Practice.
The National Farm Animal Care Council has submitted a project proposal through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's AgriMarketing Program Assurance Systems stream for phase one of a Transportation Code update.
The Transportation Code was last updated in 2001.
National Farm Animal Care Council  General Manager Jackie Wepruk notes proposed updates to the Humane Transport Section of the Health of Animals Act are expected to be published this fall and NFACC members unanimously supported the need for an update to the transport code.

Clip-Jackie Wepruk-National Farm Animal Care Council  :
It was recognized that an update to the Transport Code itself is an enormous undertaking given the variety of species that are covered and the numerous players with responsibilities in this area so a two phased approach has been proposed.
I think it's important to note that this is standard.
All of Canada's codes are developed through project based funding so this is part of our normal process.
Phase one itself would have three elements, first off a scientific review of animal welfare research on transport that would be needed to inform the code's development.
Again, that's pretty standard for how codes are developed in Canada.
A jurisdictional review of the roles and interactions between the different authorities in the transport process along with an environmental scan of initiatives that would need to align with the transport code and then thirdly a consultation with stakeholders to establish a manageable structure for engaging the diversity of stakeholders that are going to need to be involved across species, industries and interest groups.

Wepruk notes NFACC has overseen the development of codes of practice for 7 animal agriculture species and is working with stakeholders on 4 other codes.
She stresses, NFACC does not develop the codes but rather creates the forum by which farm animal care standards are developed by bringing together the diverse groups that need to be part of that decision making process.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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