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Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarians Applauds New Rules Governing Antimicrobial Use in Livestock Production
Dr. Blaine Tully - Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarians

Farmscape for May 30, 2017

The Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarians is applauding new rules governing the use of antimicrobials in livestock production.
To help reduce the risk of antimicrobial resistance the Government of Canada has unveiled new rules for veterinary drugs.
Dr. Blaine Tully, the President of the Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarians and a partner with Swine Health Professionals in Steinbach, says all medically important antimicrobials used in veterinary medicine will become prescription only and regulations governing imported active pharmaceutical ingredients and products imported for own use on farms have been tightened.

Clip-Dr. Blaine Tully-Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarians:
Many stakeholders in the antimicrobial stewardship realm will be affected, all the way from the producer who currently can buy some of those non-prescription antimicrobials at ag supply stores and various outlets which will, going forward, need to be purchased through outlets that have veterinary oversight or from veterinary clinics.
Veterinarians and veterinary practices will be impacted because there will be much more requirement for prescription.
Then the other sector of the ag industry that will be impacted will be the nutrition and feed industry because there is some level of antimicrobial dispensed through feed so that will have more veterinary oversight as well.
Veterinarians have been kind of a key player in the antimicrobial stewardship realm for many years and I think most veterinarians really look forward to having that stake in that area increased just because we have the knowledge and experience for applying antimicrobials prudently and understand some of the ties to antimicrobial resistance that can occur when we aren't using antimicrobials properly.

Dr. Tully says swine veterinarians are looking forward to implementation of these new rules.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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