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MLMMI's Contributions to Manure Research Applauded
John Carney - Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative

Farmscape for December 14, 2017

The Executive Director of the Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative is applauding almost two decades of successful manure related research.
In March the Manitoba Livestock Management Initiative will disband and its activities will be rolled into a more broadly mandated provincial research organization created under the new federal provincial Canadian Agricultural Partnership.
MLMMI Executive Director John Carney says work over the past almost 20 years has included odor mitigation, odor measurement and quantification, nutrient management including manure separation and manure nutrients in crops, the feasibility of a manure pipeline to transport manure, pathogens in manure and barn worker health and safety.

Clip-John Carney-Manitoba Livestock Manure Management Initiative:
Certainly there's been quite a bit of work done in odor management.
We have a model that is very helpful for predicting odor plumes and there's actually some refinements going on with that as we speak.
We fully investigated five different technologies for manure separation as part of redistributing nutrients from areas that don't have enough spreadable acres.
We looked at alternatives and costs of manure transportation.
I think it's important to note too that we don't just consider our success when we find something that works.
When we find that it's not the answer, I think that's just as valuable as when you find something that is what you hoped it would be.
Our research has the capabilities of saving a lot of producers the time, money and frustration of implementing technologies or strategies that it turns out don't work in Manitoba conditions.

Carney says under the new program this research will be broadened to cover all forms agriculture.
He says there continues to be opportunities for Manitoba to produce more livestock so manure research will continue to be an important focus.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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