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Support for Saskatchewan's Opposition to Carbon Tax Building
Don Morgan - Minister of Justice Saskatchewan

Farmscape for May 8, 2018

Saskatchewan's Justice Minister says support for Saskatchewan's opposition to a federal ultimatum to establish a carbon tax or have one imposed is strong and growing.
The Saskatchewan Government has launched a constitutional reference case in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal to challenge the federal government’s authority to impose a carbon tax on the province.
Don Morgan, Saskatchewan's Attorney General and Minister of Justice, says the federal government is focused only on having a carbon tax and Saskatchewan disagrees that such a tax is productive or beneficial, a position that is strongly supported.

Clip-Don Morgan-Minister of Justice Saskatchewan:
We're having some discussion with other provinces and other jurisdictions.
We don't know how many of them are going to come on board.
We suspect that some of the  will.
We know we have support from the Saskatchewan Mining Association, the Canadian Tax Payers Federation, Canadian Federation of Independent Business, The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association, Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities, Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association and some of the individual mining companies have come to us and said this doesn't work for us as well.
It's a significant list and a growing list.
There was recently an online poll run by one of the media outlets that said there was 90 percent support for the position that we're taking.
We know that climate is important to everyone.
We know that we want to do the right thing for Canada and for our province so we would says this to the Federal Government, look at what we're doing already by way of carbon sinks, by way of the trees, by way of things that we have planted in our province.
Look at what we've done on clean coal, look at the things that are in place already and look at the things that we're willing to do, not in the context of saying no we want to levy a tax.
Look at them saying what's the right thing to do, where do we need to be as a province, where do we need to be as a nation and where is our place in the world.

Morgan says Saskatchewan would like case argued in early fall to allow a ruling before implementation of the federal legislation that would enable carbon pricing to come into effect.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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