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World Pork Expo Offers Opportunity to See Pork Checkoff Dollars at Work
Cindy Cunningham - National Pork Board

Farmscape for June 6, 2018

Pork producers attending World Pork Expo will have the opportunity to view the latest in pork sector technology, discuss key issues that impact their farms and attend a series of seminars designed to provide wealthes of information in short time frames.
The 2018 edition of World Pork Expo is underway today, tomorrow and Friday at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines.
Cindy Cunningham, the Assistant Vice-President of Communications with the National Pork Board, notes the Pork Checkoff is the largest sponsor of World Pork Expo and the checkoff is represented in three separate locations.

Clip-Cindy Cunningham-National Pork Board:
The pork Checkoff has a very large hospitality tent where we invite all pork producers and really anyone in the industry to come into that hospitality tent and learn more about the issues and materials that their checkoff has funded for them.
This year we'll be focusing on the secure pork supply, we'll be talking about environmental issues and sustainability issues and we'll also be focusing on helping consumers understand that 145 cooking temperature is going to give them a great eating experience.
That'll all be at the hospitality tent.
We also will have a booth in the trade show where you can get into more in depth information and really seek out those questions that producers may have and then provide the answers and the tools that they need.
Then one other area that we will be focused on is Pork Academy.
It's a series of educational session that really take a super deep dive into each of those areas of information and questions with industry experts from across the industry and allows our producers to sit down and sit through a short seminar but really get a wealth of information.

Cunningham says the goal at World Pork Expo is to connect and interact with the producers who invest in the Pork Checkoff and give them an opportunity to see their checkoff dollars art work.
For Farmscapoe.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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