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Manitoba Pork Updating Farm and Food Discovery Centre Hog Pork Displays
Susan Riese - Manitoba Pork

Farmscape for June 3, 2018

In an effort to better engage with the public, Manitoba pork is updating and modernizing its presence at the Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre.
The University of Manitoba's Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre is a hands on education centre which allows visitors to explore the different aspects of agriculture, including how food is produced.
Susan Riese, the Manager of Public Relations and Consumer Marketing Programs with Manitoba Pork, says both hogs and pork are well represented there through a variety of displays and messaging including videos that highlight pork processing and windows into the university's pig barns where visitors can see sows, boars, piglets and weanlings.

Clip-Susan Riese-Manitoba Pork:
This past spring we installed some new messaging on the environmental aspects of pork production.
it gives us a chance to highlight how hog farmers are responsible stewards of the land and water and how manure is managed on the farm, so that's new.
We also had a hand in helping to fund some electronic feeders that have been installed into all of the farrowing rooms on site.
That will enable us to highlight how technology benefits swine health from a nutritional aspect so that's a new piece.
As the year goes on and looking to the future we want to redo all of our signage there and give our messaging a fresh look and hopefully add a few more interactive components that students especially will be able to go and have some fun with as they tour the centre as part of their field trips and outings.

The Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre is located at the University of Manitoba's Glenlea Research Station on Highway 75 south of Winnipeg.
For more information on the centre visit FFDC.Ca.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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