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Farm and Food Care Chef's Series to highlight Taste of Saskatchewan
Clinton Monchuk - Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan

Farmscape for July 12, 2018

The Farm and Food Care Chef's Series will be among the highlights of Taste of Saskatchewan.
Taste of Saskatchewan, a six day food focused festival that allows visitors to sample the best dishes served by area restaurants, starts Tuesday at Kiwanis Park on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon.
Among the event's featured attractions is the Farm and Food Care Chef's Series, a black box style culinary competition.
Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan Executive Director Clinton Monchuk explains the competition gives consumers an opportunity to see a wide variety of cooking styles and get ideas on how to prepare Saskatchewan grown foods in the own homes.

Clip-Clinton Monchuk-Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan:
The big motivational effort behind the Chef Series was to try and draw consumers to a food related event.
We already knew that people were coming to Taste of Saskatchewan.
In fact well over 100 thousand individuals will come to the event.
With Farm and Food Care pairing or partnering with the SaskTel Centre, what we decided was to create kind of a Top Chef Canada cooking competition.
What we do is we take the top chefs from Saskatchewan and what they will do is they will cook off head to head against other chefs in a competition that brings you down to a winner.
On top of this, when the chefs are actually preparing the food, we'll have different industry people there answering questions.
Farmers, we have a booth called "Ask a Farmer" or "Meet a Farmer" and the MCs for the event will talk about how that food is grown and give more information to the consumers to make sure we have engagement with the consumers so they are more informed about the food that they are consuming.

Monchuk says this is an excellent opportunity to engage with consumers and generate more public trust when it comes to agriculture.
For more on Taste of Saskatchewan or the Chef's Series visit
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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