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Yield Potentials Reduced in Drier Areas of Saskatchewan
Brent Flaten - Saskatchewan Agriculture

Farmscape for July 13, 2018

Saskatchewan Agriculture reports crop development throughout the province remains on par with normal but yield potentials have been reduced in the drier areas of the province.
Saskatchewan Agriculture released its crop report yesterday for the period from July 3 to July 9.
Brent Flaten, a crops extension specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture, says crop development is moving right along, hurried by the heat that's been received this summer.

Clip-Brent Flaten-Saskatchewan Agriculture:
All the crops are at least 75 percent at their normal stages of development for this time of year.
For example 81 percent of the fall cereals are at normal development, 77 percent of spring cereals, 75 percent of the oilseeds and 79 percent of the pulse crops but crop conditions vary in a lot of the areas but the majority are in fair to excellent condition, just depending on moisture.
Because last year was so dry and we utilized those moisture reserves that we had from 2016, the crop conditions really varied depending on where you are.
Generally crop and hayland topsoil moisture conditions are adequate to surplus, except for quite a large area right from Maple Creek, Leader, up to just south of Saskatoon and then down between Moose Jaw and Regina and towards Weyburn area.
Within that triangle is where the driest conditions are where some of the yield potential is definitely lacking right now.

Flaten says growers are still a way from starting harvest.
He says farmers may get started on some of the winter cereals by the beginning of August but crop development is pretty much normal, or in some cases a little behind normal so we'll have to wait to see what the weather does from here on in.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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