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Increased Collaboration Helps Stretch Research Dollars
Dr. Murray Pettitt - Prairie Swine Centre

Farmscape for August 2, 2018

The CEO of the Prairie Swine Centre says greater collaboration among Canada's research organizations is helping stretch the finite number of dollars available for research.
The Prairie Swine Centre has been conducting near market practical research on behalf of western Canada's swine sector to improve sustainability and profitability since 1992.
Dr. Murray Pettitt, who recently moved into the position of Prairie Swine Centre CEO, observes research these days is becoming more collaborative in nature and, by working with different institutions that have different expertise and different research facilities available to them, we can really increase the value of what can be done with the research dollars to collect more information and bring more value to the research results that are generated.

Clip-Dr. Murray Pettitt-Prairie Swine Centre:
Research dollars are a finite number of dollars and, as a research scientist, you have to look at that and go how can I bring value to what I'm proposing to do in order hopefully secure the research dollars to pursue the work I think is important to do or that the industry has indicated that could be quite valuable to them.
Part of that is collaborating.
No one facility or group of people can do everything and by adding collaboration and different kinds of measurements during the study you can really increase the value.
Quite frankly the funding agencies are starting to request that more and more.
They also see value in collaboration and that's now become, for some of them, one of the prerequisites for funding or highly encouraged anyways.

Dr. Pettitt notes the Prairie Swine Centre has developed strong working relations with such organizations as the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute, the Lacombe Research Station, the University of Manitoba, the University of Guelph and these relationships are important.
For Farmscape. Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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