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Survey Launched to Gather Input for Transport Code Update
Jackie Wepruk - National Farm Animal Care Council

Farmscape for March 8, 2019

The National Farm Animal Care Council has launched a survey to gather input as it begins the update of Canada's Code of Practice for the Transportation of Livestock and Poultry.
To kick off its update to the Code of Practice for the Transportation of Livestock and Poultry the National Farm Animal Care Council has launched a survey to capture top-of-mind welfare concerns from any and all stakeholders.
NFACC General Manager Jackie Wepruk says there will be an opportunity for just about anyone who wants to be involved in the process to be involved at some level.

Clip-Jackie Wepruk-National Farm Animal Care Council:
One group that we really want to engage though is of course livestock and poultry transporters.
This is their code so they need to be involved.
We're looking for good geographical representation of transporters too so we have a number of transporters identified from eastern Canada but we certainly would like more western Canadian livestock and poultry transporters to step forward and be engaged at the working group level.
We understand that transporters are super busy and obviously are spending their time on the road so making committee or working group participation is obviously going to be a challenge.
However even if transporters can't commit the kind of time that is required to sit on a working group or a code committee we'd encourage them to provide their input in other ways like through an initial survey, which will be available for input until the end of the month.
That will collect top of mind issues that stakeholders feel need to be addressed within the code and that kind of input will help to inform the code's development as well and of course, like every code, there will be a 60 day public comment period and that is tentatively scheduled for sometime between April and September of 2022.

Wepruk says a ultimately a final code is scheduled to be released by March of 2023.
To participate in the survey visit
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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