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CCSI PSC CDPQ Form Research Partnership
Dr. Murray Pettitt - Prairie Swine Centre

Farmscape for August 14, 2019

A newly formed research alliance involving three of Canada's swine research organizations is expected to create new synergies, improve the efficiency of resource and labour use and streamline knowledge transfer.
The Prairie Swine Centre, the Centre de développement du porc du Québec and the Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement have formalized a swine research partnership.
Dr. Murray Pettitt, the CEO of the Prairie Swine Centre, says the over arching goal in this initiative is to bring value, service and information to the Canadian pork sector that the three organizations could not achieve individually.

Clip-Dr. Murray Pettitt-Prairie Swine Centre:
The three organizations are focussed on generating and transferring practical research and technical information to the swine industry.
The goal here is to bring additional value to the Canadian pork industry that the three organizations can not achieve on our own.
The reasons it makes sense to us to do this are our organizations are already collaborating on a fairly regular basis, we are serving the same industry, we often are working on related types of projects and we all interact with the same funding sources.
The swine industry in Canada is consolidating and the fewer larger stakeholders expect that service organizations also collaborate.
All three organizations are involved in applied research and knowledge and technology transfer.
And formalizing our partnership enables us to be more effective in bringing research and innovation to the industry.
Collectively we will have access to better expertise across Canada and will be able to engage comparable expertise to clients throughout Canada.
Finally we can be more effective in serving the Canadian swine industry if we could work better together.

Dr. Pettitt notes research in general has become more collaborative multi-organizational and multi-disciplinary.
He says the Canadian swine industry is in competition with the global swine industry and it's the collective hope that we can better serve our Canadian industry to be more profitable and sustainable.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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