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George Matheson 8:37 Listen
Cam Dahl 12:59 Listen
Rick Bergmann 21:12 Listen
Dave Preisler 5:35 Listen
Pat McGonegle 9:03 Listen
Manitoba Pork 2021 Annual General Meeting 1:30:48 Listen

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Audio Special Report: Manitoba Pork Annual General Meeting
Farmscape Staff

Farmscape Audio Special Report for April 15, 2021
Manitoba Pork Annual General Meeting

Manitoba Pork hosted its 56th Annual General Meeting yesterday virtually via Zoom.

In his final official address to the organization, George Matheson, the retiring Chair of Manitoba Pork, outlined highlights of the past year and plans moving into 2021.
Runs: 8:37

Cam Dahl, the General Manager of Manitoba Pork, discusses the roles, priorities and programs of Manitoba Pork and provides an update on the organization’s latest activities.
Runs: 12:59

Rick Bergmann, the Chair of the Canadian Pork Council, outlined what the CPC has been up to and brought producers up to date on such key issues as efforts to address the challenges posed by African Swine Fever preparedness and response, dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian Pork Excellence program.
Runs: 21:12

Dave Preisler, the CEO of Minnesota Pork Producers discusses the impact of the COVID pandemic, on Iowa pork producers and how they have dealt with the forced destruction of pigs that resulted from reduced processing plant capacity and processing plant shutdowns.
Runs: 5:35

Pat McGonegle, the CEO of Iowa Pork Producers, discusses contractions in U.S. pork production as the result of issues surrounding the pandemic and efforts to protect processing plant workers from infection, foreign animal disease preparedness and proposition 12, which goes into effect in California January 1, 2022 which increases minimum space requirements for pigs.
Runs: 9:03

Manitoba Pork Annual General Meeting, (complete audio) including presentations, the business session, election results, presentations to retiring directors and staff long service awards.
Runs: 1:30:48

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