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Pork Producers Urged to Join Canadian Pig Production Practices Survey for Improved Economic and Environmental Viability
Dr. Mario Tenuta - University of Manitoba

Farmscape for April 15, 2021

Canadian pork producers are encouraged to take part in the "Canadian Pig Production Practices Survey for Improved Economic and Environmental Viability."
Scientists working on behalf of Swine Innovation Porc are conducting on online survey of Canadian pork producers in an effort to help quantify improvements in production efficiency that have taken place over the years and to paint a clearer picture of the pork sector's environmental footprint.
Dr. Mario Tenuta a Professor of Applied Soil Ecology in the Department of Soil Science at the University of Manitoba and the NSERC Fertilizer Canada Western Grains Research Foundation Industrial Research Chair in 4-R nutrient stewardship, says the survey was rolled out last fall and will be available for the next one to two months.

Clip-Dr. Mario Tenuta-University of Manitoba:
We need a good number of respondents or operations to make the survey results sound.
We're really targeting barn operators and those who make decisions for a barn and who know what goes in and out of a barn.
What sector?
It's really the sectors that provide pigs to processors, also provide pigs to other producers.
If you’re producing weaned animals to be finished by somebody else, we're targeting that sector also genetics.
We want inclusion of that because it's part of the pig production spectrum for Canada.

Dr. Tenuta estimates it will take respondents about half an hour to complete the survey.
For details how to participate, producers are encouraged to review correspondence from their provincial pork organizations or to contact Dr. Tenuta directly at
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Bruce Cochrane.

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