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Manitoba Farmers Move Into Soybean, Canola, Dry Bean Harvests
Dennis Lange - Manitoba Agriculture

Farmscape for September 20, 2023

Manitoba Agriculture reports the fall cereal and field pea harvests are complete, the spring cereals are close to complete and growers are moving into the soybean, canola and dry bean harvests.
Manitoba Agriculture released its weekly crop report yesterday.
Dennis Lange, a pulse and soybean specialist with Manitoba Agriculture and editor of the provincial crop report, says at this point we're sitting at 64 percent complete across the province, up from 51 percent last week, so things are moving right along.

Quote-Dennis Lange-Manitoba Agriculture:
Looking at the crops that we've been able to finish up, winter wheat and fall rye and field peas are all sitting at 100 percent complete.
With the other cereals we're looking at spring wheat, barley and oats anywhere from 93 to 95 percent complete.
I think over the next week it should wrap up and now growers are getting into soybeans and canola and finishing up some dry beans as well and things are moving along at a pretty good pace.
We had a bit of a rain delay earlier in the week, nothing significant.
It did cause some growers to hold off on harvesting for a few days but, since the weekend, things have picked up a little bit and we're back into soybean harvest again.
Right now, we're at 21 percent with central region being at 45 percent complete.
Canola harvest, I can see canola harvest picking up as well.
Central region is most furthest advanced at 75 percent but most of the other areas are anywhere from 35 to 55 percent complete.
With good weather in the forecast now, no significant rainfall, unless that forecast changes again, I think we're going to see a lot more canola and soybeans being harvested.
As far as dry beans go, we're sitting about 72 percent complete around the province.
We'll see some movement on the dry bean harvest over the next week but some of the crop that is out there is a little bit later so I would expect to have all the dry beans harvested by the end of September.

Lang says crop yields and quality have varied significantly, depending primarily on rainfall amounts.
He says, despite some disappointing results, there have been some outstanding yields and overall, most growers are satisfied with this year's crop.
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Bruce Cochrane.

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