Strong Interest Reported in Banff Pork Seminar

Farmscape for January 22, 2014

The chair of the Banff Pork Seminar Organizing Committee reports registrations for the 2014 edition of the annual conference are looking good.

The 2014 Banff Pork Seminar kicked off yesterday and continues today and tomorrow.
Banff Pork Seminar Organizing Committee chair Don Down says the conference brings together all of the key decision makers within the pork industry and provides an opportunity for them to network with speakers and colleagues to discuss emerging trends.

Clip-Don Down-Banff Pork Seminar:
Banff Pork Seminar has certainly built a reputation of being an international conference.

We do have speakers that come from all over the world and a lot of people come to hear what they have to say and also there's a lot of great things happening in our Canadian industry, a lot of great research happening here and I think some of the people from other countries are interested in what we have to say here.
Secondly I think and most importantly the seminar has built a reputation and when they want to come to learn they know that the key players are going to be here and it's an opportunity to not only listen to their presentations but to network with them as well.
Our numbers are looking very good.
We expect between 500 and 600 attendees.
We still have quite a few walk-ups and certainly that is very open for people who do want to walk up and register for the seminar.
We do have representation from a good portion from Canada of course but we do have a number of people registered from the United States, Mexico, Argentina and a number from Europe as well.

Down notes there is a much higher level of optimism at this year's seminar compared to that of last year which can be highlighted in three areas, the change in feed prices, a higher demand for pork and we do have some changes in currency exchange rates.
He says those three factors are really helping returns in the pork industry compared to one year ago when there was a lot of doom and gloom in conversations.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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