Public Interest in Story Behind Modern Food Production Grows

Farmscape for May 28, 2014

The visitor services manager with the Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre says the public's interest in the story behind the production of food is building.
The Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre, located at the University of Manitoba's Glenlea Research Station, has attracted over 15 thousand visitors since opening in the fall of 2011.
Guy Robbins, the centre's visitor services manager, says the public is increasingly interested in knowing where the food they eat comes from.

Clip-Guy Robbins-University of Manitoba:
The centre is basically the outreach wing of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and it was set up in order to keep touch with the public and give them more information about modern farming and to give them a place where they can to see some modern farming, hogs, crops, food production and so forth and then find out about that and have a good time while they're doing it.
There is a lot of interest in food because people, through the media, are getting a lot of information about organic food, non organic food.
There are all types of products out there that have been produced and there's a kind of a blizzard of information coming at people.
They really want to get some good information and to see first hand about agriculture and then they can make good decisions about what they're eating, why they're eating it and then I think they can also appreciate the good job that the farmers do not only in producing food but looking after the land, looking after their livestock and then the people get a lot closer connection with agriculture and where their food comes from and they appreciate it much more.

Robbins encourages anyone interested in learning more to visit the Bruce D. Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre web site at FFDC.Ca.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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