Pork Sector Prepared for Seamless Transition to Canadian Agricultural Partnership

Farmscape for March 2, 2018

The Chair of Swine Innovation Porc says the transition from Growing Forward to the new Canadian Agricultural Partnership will be seamless.
The Canadian Agricultural Partnership, Canada's new five year Agricultural Policy Framework, comes into force April 1st.
Stewart Cressman, the Chair of Swine Innovation Porc, says the continuation of the agri-science research cluster initiative will maintain relationships established under Growing Forward.

Clip-Stewart Cressman-Swine Innovation Porc:
It really means that we can continue to identify the priorities for the pork industry, things that are important to especially the producer sector because they are putting to and a half cents per market hog across Canada into the program to leverage the federal money so that we can meet these priorities with the science projects that will provide answers to make the industry increasingly efficient into the future.
I think, with 66 or 70 percent of our pork having to move internationally to other markets, we're highly dependent on an efficient high quality pork value chain.
We have developed relationships with the researchers, we have developed relationships with the processors and hope to increase that relationship and the various stakeholders that are putting money as well on the table, whether it be the feed industry, suppliers of amino acids, processors that it will provide the answers that will continue to be needed into the future to remain competitive with our other global trading partners.

Cressman says the agri-science research cluster program has brought together researchers and stakeholders and has been valuable to the pork sector.
For Farmscape.Ca, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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