Audio Special World Pork Expo 2018

2018 World Pork Expo Audio Special for June 8, 2018

-Dustin Baker, the Deputy Director Economics and Domestic Production Issues with the National Pork Producer's Council, provides an economic update.
Feature Runs: 6:26

-Dr. Dermot Hayes, a Professor and Pioneer Chair in Agribusiness with Iowa State University, discusses the impact of retaliatory tariffs on U.S. pork in response to U.S. tariffs on aluminum and steel.
Feature Runs: 4:08

-Dr. Liz Wagstrom, the Chief Veterinarian with the National Pork Producers' Council, discusses the response of pork producers and veterinarians to changes in U.S. rules governing the acquisition and use of antibiotics in pork production.
Feature Runs: 6:40

-David Herring, the President Elect of the National Pork Producer's Council, discusses the progress of efforts aimed creating a National Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine Bank.
Feature Runs: 6:45

       *Farmscape is a presentation of Sask Pork and Manitoba Pork Council