Audio Special World Pork Expo 2018

2018 World Pork Expo Audio Special for June 9, 2018

-Leon Sheets, America's Pig Farmer of the Year, discusses his role as a representative of the U.S pig industry and the importance of communicating with the public..
Feature Runs: 5:52

-Dr. Jennifer Brown, a Research Scientist Ethology with the Prairie Swine Centre, discusses Electronic Sow Feeding.
Feature Runs: 12:45

-Dr. Sarah Ison, a Global Farm Animal Advisor with World Animal Protection, discusses the report "Leading the Way: Global Pig Producers say No to Sow Stalls."
Feature Runs: 12:01

-Dr. Liz Wagstrom, the Chief Veterinarian with the National Pork Producers' Council, discusses support for the USDA's new Swine Inspection System.
Feature Runs: 5:52

-Jen Sorenson, a Member of the National Pork Producer's Council's Board of Directors, discusses labour and options for addressing a chronic labour shortage in the U.S. pork sector.
Feature Runs: 7:25

-Dr. Thomas Parsons, a Professor and Director Swine Research and Training with the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, the importance of biosecurity and 3D Biometric Identification to improve biosecurity.
Feature Runs: 6:05

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