2018 Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium Audio Special

2018 Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium Audio Special for November 16, 2018

-Dr. Brett Ramirez, an Assistant Professor in Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering with Iowa State University, discusses "Why the In-Barn Environment Matters."
Feature Runs: 6:16

-Brett Stuart, the President Global AgriTrends, discusses "Trump, Trade and Global Pork."
Feature Runs: 6:47

-Dr. Tom Stein, a Senior Strategic Advisor with Maximus Systems, discusses "Smart Systems in Pig Production."
Feature Runs: 8:11

-Dr. John Patience, a Professor of Applied Swine Nutrition with Iowa State University, discusses "Legislation-Consumerism-Export: Complicating the Life of the Nutritionist."
Feature Runs: 5:23

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