Banff Pork Seminar Audio Special

2019 Banff Pork Seminar Audio Special for January 11, 2019

-Dr. Graham Plastow, a Professor of Livestock Genomics with University of Alberta, discusses "Genomic Advances to Increase Feed Efficiency & Carcass Quality of Grow Finish Pigs."
Feature Runs: 12:51

-Karen Kirkwood, the Executive Director of Alberta Chicken Producers, discusses "How are other commodities dealing with antibiotics? The chicken industry’s story."
Feature Runs: 8:16

-Brian Sullivan, the CEO of the Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement, discusses "Pork, More Than Just a Good Source of Protein."
Feature Runs: 7:11

-Dr. Ricardo Segundo Cochran, a Veterinarian with the Optimum Pork Production Group, discusses "Farm Center Data Integration Platform."
Feature Runs: 6:37

-Bram Visser, a Geneticist with Hendrix Genetics, discusses "Augmented Intelligence for Better Swine Breeding."
Feature Runs: 4:57

-Dr. Joel DeRouchey, an Extension Swine Specialist with Kansas State University, discusses "Feeding Programs to Optimize Feed Efficiency and Carcass Quality of Grow Finish Pigs."
Feature Runs: 6:41

-Dr. Egan Brockhoff, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with Prairie Swine Health Services, discusses "African Swine Fever: Can it be Stopped? What AcOons are Needed? What Can You Do to Protect Your Investment?"
Feature Runs: 6:55

       *Farmscape is a presentation of Sask Pork and Manitoba Pork Council