2019 London Swine Conference Audio Special

2019 London Swine Conference Audio Special for March 28, 2019

-Dr. Sue Burlatschenko, a Veterinarian with Goshen Ridge Veterinary Services, discusses the topic "Basic Health-When to Call the Vet."
Feature Runs: 7:22

-Dr. Sylvain Messier, a Veterinarian with Demeter Veterinary Services, discusses the topic "Detecting and Treating Sick Pigs-Lessons Learned from Top Producers."
Feature Runs: 7:27

-Geneviève Berthiaume, the Senior Manager of the Economics Department with CDPQ, discusses the topic "From Innovation to Adaptation: On Farm Demonstration of Farm Research," focussing on best management practices related to biosecurity.
Feature Runs: 5:05

-Jean-Michel Laurin, the Vice President Policy and Public Affairs with NATIONAL Public Relations, discuses the topic "USMCA, CPTPP and the like: Deciphering the Alphabet Soup of Trade Agreements."
Feature Runs: 7:49

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