CCSI Adopts Updated Strategic Plan

Farmscape for August 12, 2020

The Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement has approved a new three to five year strategic plan.
The Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement is made up of Canadian pork sector organizations and swine genetic suppliers with the mandate of helping the Canadian pork industry be more competitive in the area of swine genetic improvement.
Brent Robinson, the Chair of the Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement says the Board of Directors has prioritised strategic thinking.

Clip-Brent Robinson-Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement:
Historically strategic thinking and a strategic plan was something that you did, you put away for three to five years and you brought it out of the drawer and you dusted it off.
Now what we're hoping to do is have it be more of a living document so it is something that we're thinking about all the time.
The world is changing all the time so we need to be aware of how it's impacted by what's happening in the world and how can we be proactive and be thinking ahead to see some of those things coming.
We need to be looking at it and constantly reviewing it to see if it meets our needs.
If it doesn’t, because it's not a finalized document ever, if it doesn't meet our needs then we need to think, how can we tailor this to more reflect today's reality.
That's the beauty of it, I would say, in keeping it front and centre all the time.
Some of the advantages of having the plan in place are that our goals and objectives are clearly defined and with tactics to get there.
Tactics just means, what's the process?
How are we going to, on a day to day basis, implement it and get there?
Once we have that tactic then the third part is measurables.
We want to see, were we successful and if we weren’t, why were we not.
Was it outside influences, was it just not tailored quite correctly?
Again, that's the review process that we have in place so it does allow us that opportunity to make changes and be better because of it.

Robinson notes the CCSI Board of Directors makes a practice of discussing strategic thinking each and every meeting, which helps keep the objectives on everyone's minds.
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Bruce Cochrane.

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