Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium 2022 Audio Special for November 16, 2022

Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium Audio Special for November 16, 2022

Lesley Kelly, the creator of High Heels and Canola Fields and a co-founder of Do More Ag, discusses "When Stress is More Than a Season."
Runs 7:07

Mark Fynn, the training resources coordinator with the Canadian Pork Council, discusses "What’s in Your Toolbox? CPC Training Tools for Pork Producers"
Runs 4:01

Rob Hannam, the CEO of Farm Health Guardian, discusses "Biosecurity: What’s New in Protecting Your Farm?"
Runs 8:23

Dean Anderson, the Strategic Advisor Agriculture with Workplace Safety and Prevention Services, discusses "Farm Safety: Top 10 Greatest Risk Factors and How to Avoid Injury."
Runs 9:05

Dr. Terry Fonstad, the Associate Vice-President Research with the University of Saskatchewan, discusses "Alternative Methods for Deadstock Management."
Runs 6:41

Dr. Greg Wideman, a veterinarian with South West Vets, discusses "Antibiotic-Free or Not? What Makes Sense for Your Operation?"
Runs 4:43

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