Survey of Small-Scale Pig Producers Results in Improved Educational Resources

Farmscape for June 2, 2023

A survey of the needs of small-scale pig producers is leading to the development of improved educational resources for the entire pork sector.
Scientists with the Prairie Swine Centre, in collaboration with Swine Innovation Porc, the Canadian Pork Council and the provincial pork organizations, conducted a study of small-scale swine producers on their knowledge and application of biosecurity practices for the prevention of disease.
Dr. Murray Pettitt, the CEO of the Prairie Swine Center, says the goal was to assess the specific needs of small-scale producers.

Clip-Dr. Murray Pettitt-Prairie Swine Center:
Questions in the survey asked about housing and feeding practices, veterinary support, the presence of other livestock on the farm, sources of pigs, marketing practices and disease management and awareness.
We also asked the producers where do they find the information they use on taking care of their pigs?
We wanted to gain a better understanding of the information needs of small-scale pig producers.
For instance, what type of information are they looking for and where do they go to find it?
In addition to providing access to practical trustworthy resource materials on management methods and the raising of healthy pigs that are applicable to the way they keep pigs and how these may differ in the different regions of Canada.
We've learned about the various types of production practices employed by small scale producers in Canada and where they access their information.
We also have a better understanding of what they need for the raising of healthy pigs and how these may differ in different regions of Canada.
The results are significant in that the information needed to support small scale pig producers is somewhat different when compared to that for the commercial industry.
These study results are guiding our efforts to provide supporting information that is both relevant and applicable to the way small scale producers raise their pigs.

Dr. Pettitt says information collected is being used by stakeholders who provide information to support small scale pig producers and it's leading to the development of practical resource materials for small scale pig producers, which benefits all pig producers.
He notes details on the survey and additional resources can be accessed at
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Bruce Cochrane.

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