Rain Delays Saskatchewan Harvest But Moisture Welcomed

Farmscape for August 18, 2023

Rainfall this past week across Saskatchewan caused a slight delay in harvest but producers welcomed the moisture.
Saskatchewan Agriculture released its weekly crop report yesterday.
Mackenzie Hladun, a crop extension specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture says Saskatchewan crops are now nine percent harvested, ahead of the five-year average of eight percent and also ahead of the ten-year average of five percent.

Quote-Mackenzie Hladun-Saskatchewan Agriculture:
Scattered showers across the province paused harvest for a just short time but our producers welcomed the moisture overall and they were happy to jump back into the combines as soon as moisture levels returned to the appropriate levels.
This past week we did see some significant moisture that moved across the province which was really nice.
The Esterhazy area received about 67 millimeters.
This was closely followed by the Lipton area which received 63 millimeters.
We actually saw an increase in soil moisture this week which was the first increase in quite a few weeks.
In cropland we're standing at 26 percent of topsoil has adequate moisture, 45 percent is short, 29 percent is very short.
21 percent of hay and pasture land has adequate topsoil moisture, 45 percent is short and 34 percent is very short.
Unfortunately, I don't have historical data on our weather however this year overall has been relatively dry.
We've had some dry and hot conditions persisting but this past week saw that moisture come through and that really helped our soil moisture levels.
This past week crop reporters were asked to report on water supply and quality.
Provincially moderate water supply shortages are occurring for livestock producers with many anticipating more significant shortages soon while some are already reporting severe water shortages.
Water quality was also a concern for many of our producers that reported in.
If producers are concerned about their water quality, they can bring in water samples to the local regional offices and have their water quality tested.

Hladun notes, because the risk of fire is very high due to the dry conditions, producers are encouraged to have fire mitigation resources at the ready in case anything does spark up.
And, she reminds motorists to give farm equipment on the highways a little extra space.
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Bruce Cochrane.

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