Variable Rainfall Across Saskatchewan Resulting in Variable Crop Yields but Quality Has Been Good

Farmscape for September 15, 2023

Saskatchewan Agriculture reports, variable rainfall amounts this summer have resulted in varying yields across the province but crop quality has generally been good.
Saskatchewan Agriculture’s just released weekly crop report indicates 68 precent of this year's crop is now in the bin, up from 51 percent last week and ahead of the five-year average of 52 percent and the 10-year average of 48 percent.
Mackenzie Hladun, a Crops Extension Specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture, says the southwest is nearly complete followed by the west central, the east central, northeast and finally the northwest.

Quote-Mackenzie Hladun-Saskatchewan Agriculture:
This past week we asked our crop reporters to report on crop quality that they are seeing both at the elevator and off of the fields.
Provincially we're seeing that quality is slightly above our ten-year average for peas, lentils and durum, pea grades are mainly at 1 Can, with 39 percent of the crop graded as such or 2 Can with 57 percent graded.
This is slightly above our ten-year average of 38 percent at 1 Can and 54 percent of the crop at 2 Can.
Lentils are very similar with 31 percent of the crop at 1 Can and 57 percent of the crop graded at 2 Can.
This is again ahead of our 10-year average of 28 percent graded at 1 Can and 49 percent graded at 2 Can.
Durum grade quality is reported at 32 percent 1CW, 46 percent 2CW and 22 percent 3CW.
This is ahead of the ten-year average of 34 percent 1CW, 27 percent 2CW and 22 percent 3CW.
Of course, we do see that there are some regional variations within our yields however our quality is relatively good.
Our quality is changing as we go through the different areas, where essentially if you had rain or you had any moisture and were lucky enough to get those timely rains that moved through, you had better some better quality.
You also had some better yields.
Sometimes quality and yields go hand in hand however, if you were in some of those dryer areas or some of those areas that had excessive moisture, you can have some lower yields and some lower quality.
However, overall, provincially we're standing at a really good point where all of our quality is slightly above our ten-year average.

Hladun says topsoil moisture levels have remained unchanged over the past week with 35 percent of cropland having adequate moisture, 41 percent is short and 24 percent is very short.
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Bruce Cochrane.

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