Spring Seeding in Saskatchewan Now 32 Percent Complete

Farmscape for May 17, 2024

Saskatchewan Agriculture reports grain and oilseed growers across the province have made substantial seeding progress over the past week.
Saskatchewan Agriculture released its weekly crop report yesterday for the period from May 7th to 13th.
Meghan Rosso, a Crops Extension Specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture, reports planting is now 32 percent complete, up 20 percent from last week.

Quote-Meghan Rosso-Saskatchewan Agriculture:
Moisture conditions have improved from where they've been sitting previously and in the past.
We're coming off some drier conditions over the last few years as well as earlier in the spring.
Producers are reporting provincial topsoil moisture conditions remaining adequate this week.
Cropland topsoil moisture is reported at four percent surplus, 86 percent adequate, nine percent short and one percent very short.
Hayland topsoil moisture is two percent surplus, 81 percent adequate, 16 percent short and two percent very short.
As we move into pasture topsoil moisture conditions, they're similar to hayland.
They sit at two percent surplus, 78 percent adequate, 17 percent short and two percent very short.
Producers are planting a range of crops.
Pulse crops are what's leading in seeding completion this week through the province.
That includes field peas and lentils, along with chickpeas.
Producers are also seeding durum, spring wheats, barley and oats.
Some canary seed and triticale are also going in.
Producers are moving into seeding their oilseed crops, so mustard, canola and flax and there is some soybeans at a little lower acreage in the province but some soybeans are going in as well.

Rosso notes the recent moisture and warmer temperatures have stimulated weed seed germination across the province allowing producers to get pre-seed herbicide applications down prior to seeding.
She encourages anyone with question to reach out to the Agriculture Knowledge Centre at 866-457-2377.
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Bruce Cochrane.

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