Spring Planting Expected to Wrap up In Saskatchewan Over the Next Week

Farmscape for May 31, 2024

Saskatchewan Agriculture predicts, weather permitting, farmers across the province should be able to wrap up spring seeding within the next week.
Saskatchewan Agriculture released its crop report yesterday for the period from May 21 to 27.
Meghan Rosso a Crops Extension Specialist with Saskatchewan Agriculture says producers made significant progress this past week and seeding now sits at 77 percent complete.

Quote-Meghan Rosso-Saskatchewan Agriculture:
This does fall behind the five-year average of 91 percent and the 10-year average of 89 percent.
Crop emergence overall is reported as excellent to good condition and topsoil moisture showed improvement over past years.
Over the last couple of weeks, we've had some rain delays throughout the province and that has slowed seeding progression slightly throughout the province.
That being said it has definitely helped moisture conditions as we are coming off of some drier years so producers are over all happy with the moisture conditions we are currently in.
Cropland topsoil moisture is three percent surplus, 89 percent adequate and eight percent short.
Hayland topsoil moisture is two percent surplus, 85 percent adequate and 13 percent short.
Pasture topsoil moisture is similar with two percent surplus, 83 percent adequate, 13 percent short and two percent very short.
The weather conditions we've had over the last couple of weeks have helped maintain the current topsoil moisture conditions with not many regions deviating from the adequate conditions we are seeing so far.
The southwest is currently at 83 percent complete, the southeast is at 84 percent complete, the northwest is at 80 percent complete, the east central and west central regions are at 73 and 71 percent complete, the northeast region had completed 68 percent of seeding operations so far.
As producers can continue to get into the fields, weather permitting, it is anticipated that seeding will wrap up within the province within the next week.

As seeding and fieldwork operations continue Rosso encourages farmers to take safety precautions in all the work they do.
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Bruce Cochrane.

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